1. caramel corn….it’s not just for breakfast anymore

    as of last night, i am back in london.  nothing like getting up at 3am for a 6 am flight across the atlantic by way of chicago.  i think it wasn’t until we were over greenland that i was fully awake.  i seem to remember having some crazy dream about trying to convince the world that caramel corn was the way forward as far as breakfast goes.  no doubt inspired by the “nuts on clark” store at o’hare - up and open for business by 6a.m.  but really, think about it. caramel corn is the perfect on-the-go breakfast fare.  you can eat it in the car on your way to work, on the subway - no crumbs, no drips, no grease smudges, no powdery sugar dust.   why, you could dump an entire box down the front of you and w/ a brush of your hand …..huh! good as new - good to go.  at 80 calories, 3.5 g of fat, 11 g carbohydrates and 1 g of dietary fiber per cup, i’d say, as far as healthy breakfast options go, it beats your medium sized glazed doughnut (240 calories -120 of those from fat) all to hell.  you watch.  somebody from starbucks is going to read this and soon you’ll be hearing people ordering a tall latte, no foam, extra hot and a grande caramel corn.  you wait.

    and now……….the uk touring schedule for november/dec.  see you there!

    NOV.  4 Colchester

    NOV.  6 Bridlington

    NOV. 10 Llandeilo

    NOV. 11  Cambridge

    NOV. 12 York

    NOV. 12   Ripon

    NOV. 15 Leicester

    NOV 16  London

    NOV. 17 Swansea

    NOV. 19 Exeter

    NOV. 26 Gateshead

    DEC.  2 Rotherham

    DEC.  3 Ireleth

    DEC.  4 Milton Keyes

    for info on these shows go to kimrichey.com.

    thanks to all of you that came to hear neilson, dan and me this past sept./oct.  we met some of the sweetest people.  and the pie…………!



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