1. Playing in rocky mnt., va tonight at 8. Http://www.harvester-music.com & paul thorn saturday.#greatroom

    Playing in rocky mnt., va tonight at 8. Http://www.harvester-music.com & paul thorn saturday.#greatroom

  2. My favorite season!

    My favorite season!

  3. coming to a town near you - possibly

    i moved into a new place in east nashville in august and have been working on settling in for the past month or so. for the first time in ……hmmmm…..at least 13 years i have all my stuff in one place. here are some of the things i found: a chinese kite given to me by my best college pal who has since passed away, assorted japanese dinking glasses and toys (i love mr. friendly), a baggie full of kids’ swatch watches, a picture of my sister and i when we were very little “cooking” in my grandma jones kitchen in our aprons made by my grandma richey, far too many linens and blankets - set for life and then some, old dishes from a chinese restaurant purchased from the old white way antique mall - my first set after moving out to be on my own, 8 sponges w/ the green scubby backs, 3 giant boxes of trash bags, enough hair products to single handedly bring back the 80’s, a black and white photo of my dad sitting on a cot in a tent smoking a cigarette during his time in the korean war - looking very cool, a starbucks esspresso machine given to me by mary chapin the first show we ever played together - it still works!, a fantastic painting of muddy waters on a shower door by lamar sorento, clothes and shoes, clothes and shoes, clothes and shoes- whew, books - lots of books, an old library card catalog filled with cassette tapes, and more, lots more. i know people say that if you haven’t used something within a certain amount of time you don’t need it and should get rid of it. i believe that about as much as i believe “if a song idea is really good you will won’t forget it”. i am sure i paid too much money for that storage unit over the years but, i am glad to have my stuff back.  these things reminds of me of the family, friends and places i have loved over the years - my own little time capsule.

    come see us when we come to your town. i also found a giant box of t-shirts!

    U.S. Dates:

    Thurs. - Oct. 16 - Harvester Performance Center - Rocky Mount, VA 

    Sat. - Oct. 18 - Northshore Point Concerts - Norfolk, VA

    Sun. - Oct. 19 - Kennett Flash, Kennett Square, PA

    Thurs. - Nov. 06 - The Arts Center/Rhoda Wynne Theater - Carrboro, NC

    Fri. & Sat. - Nov. 07 & 08 - Moab Folk Festival - Moab, UT

    Thurs. - Nov. 13 - McGonigel’s Mucky Duck - Houston, TX

    Fri. - Nov. 14 - The Rock Room Concerts - Austin, TX

    Sat. - Nov. 15 - Historic House Concerts - Forney, TX

    Sun. - Nov. 16 - The Kessler Theater with David Wilcox - Dallas, TX

    UK Dates:

    Weds. - Dec. 3 - Stables 2 - Wavendon Milton Keynes - tickets

    Thurs. - Dec. 4 - Old Church - with Gareth Dunlop and The Black Feathers - St Pancras, London - tickets

    Fri. - Dec. 5 - The Convent with Gareth Dunlop - South Wood Chester, Gloucestershire - tickets

    Sat. - Dec. 6 - Zinc Arts with Gareth Dunlop - Chipping Ongar, Essex - tickets

    Sun. - Dec. 7 - Twickfolk, The Cabbage Patch Pub - with Gareth Dunlop - Twickenham, Middlesex - tickets

    U.S. Dates:

    Fri. - April 10 - Columbus Performing Arts Center - Columbus, OH

    Sun. - April 12 - The G.A.R. Hall - Peninsula, OH

    Weds. - April 15 - World Cafe Live Wilmington - Wilmington, PA

    Thurs. - April 16 - Blairstown Theatre - Blairstown, NJ

    Fri. - April 17 - The New Hope Winery - New Hope, PA

    Sat. - April 18 - Stoltz Hall @Avalon Theatre - Easton, MD

  4. On my way back to nashville. Made it as far as Amarillo.

    On my way back to nashville. Made it as far as Amarillo.



    Thorn In My Heart: The Work Tapes is now available via Yep Roc Records. Get a feel for this special release in the video below. http://bit.ly/KIMWORTP 

    This new vinyl box set is limited to just 300 copies and includes:

    — “Work tape” versions of all 12 songs that originally appeared on Thorn In My Heart - early, acoustic versions from the making of the record

    — LP jacket housed in a wooden box

    — 24-page booklet with hand-written lyrics and guitar tablature 

    — Photos from the recording sessions

  6. Vancouver island super moon music festival!

    Vancouver island super moon music festival!

  7. Goodbye Wyoming.

    Goodbye Wyoming.

  8. Devil’s Tower! Magical place.

    Devil’s Tower! Magical place.

  9. My badlands friend.

    My badlands friend.

  10. On the way to Sioux Falls

    On the way to Sioux Falls

  11. Raw herring with onion and pickle - dutch style - first timer - tasty!

    Raw herring with onion and pickle - dutch style - first timer - tasty!

  12. Hello! Here is another state of the art road video from gareth and me. We shot this one in the Titanic Pump-House in Belfast.

  13. Amsterdam at sunset

    Amsterdam at sunset

  14. Amsterdam canal

    Amsterdam canal

  15. Dunlunce Castle #ledzepplin

    Dunlunce Castle #ledzepplin

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